Purvaa Goel

Purvaa Goel

Intern Architect

Been at BB+M Since:
August 2019

What do you do at BB+M:
Lots of stairs

Favorite Project You’ve Worked On:
One North Center (it also happens to be the only one I’ve worked on so far…)

Team Taco or Team Pizza:
Taco crust with pizza toppings

Favorite Beatles Song:
Here Comes The Sun

Favorite Local Craft Beverage:
Not much of a beer drinker, I like to stick to my red wine and Moscow Mules!

National Parks or City by Foot:
National Parks on a Lime scooter

Folded, Rolled or Unorganized Sock Drawer:
Pile of clean clothes on the floor

Favorite Cartoon Character:

Beacham, Bunce or Manley?
Is this a trap?