Valentina Galindo

Valentina Galindo

Junior Interior Designer


Been at BB+M Since:
Feb. 2021

What do you do at BB+M:
still trying to figure that out

Team Taco or Team Pizza:
TACOS! But I’m not a hater

Favorite Beatles Song:
here comes the sun

All Inclusive or A La Carte:
A La Carte of course!

Taj Mahal or Eiffel Tower:
Taj Mahal

Favorite Local Craft Beverage:
I’m more of a cider person

Hand Sketch or Digital:

National Parks or City by Foot:
City by foot

Folded, Rolled or Unorganized Sock Drawer:
is there any other way than just throwing them in there?

Favorite Cartoon Character:

Beacham, Bunce or Manley?