Birkdale Landing

Project Details

Birkdale Landing is a suburban retail center just outside of Charlotte in Huntersville, North Carolina. The center consisted of 5 retail buildings along Sam Furr Road, a major artery connecting Huntersville with I-77. The project strove to update this expanding corridor in a growing suburb with the renovation of 2 of the existing buildings, as well as, the demolition of the other buildings in order to expand the site and make room for 3 new buildings. The existing site was made more efficient by increasing the building density, including adding retail tenants and a 2-story office building, while maintaining entrances and exits and meeting required parking. The project also included renovating and expanding existing unused outdoor space to create a series of plazas for use by the retail/office tenants and the Huntersville community. Modern detailing, new exterior cladding, updated color scheme, new signage, and activated outdoor space all serve to create a dynamic mixed-use center to support the growing population.

Huntersville, NC
Fairway Investments
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