Symphony Park

 Symphony Park

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Symphony Park Luxury Independent Living Resort is currently under construction in Huntersville, NC. Four buildings consisting of 320 apartments surround the 55,000 sqft commons building. The community boasts state-of the-art, industry-leading amenities including multiple restaurants and bars, wellness spas, town hall, pool, and other gathering spaces both inside and out. Symphony Park guarantees an active lifestyle while also layering in a comfort environment with great design.


Inspired by the elegant beach resorts of the early 20th century, the design concept for Symphony Park is rooted in a nostalgic view of the past. Upon arrival to the site, residents are immediately transported from the commotion of the city to a turn of the century coastal oasis, complete with covered verandas & garden promenades. The interior design of the vast amenity space celebrates the Victorian appreciation of the natural environment through the use of oversized windows, a profusion of both authentic and faux vegetation, as well as displays of various zoological & geological collections. Vibrant floral accents, intricate mosaic patterning, & saturated mahogany tones contribute to a tropical atmosphere, while sophisticated molding details and an emphasis on classic architectural elements provide a distinctly residential ambiance throughout.


Symphony Park will be a destination like no other in Greater Charlotte and the Southeast.

Huntersville, NC
Jake Palillo (Bi Part Development)
Project Type
2022 IIDA Designworks: Unbuilt
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