Abbey Mullet


Abbey Mullet

Intern Architect

Abbey Mullet

Intern Architect

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Been at BB+M Since:
July 2019

What do you do at BB+M:
Still unsure

Favorite Project You’ve Worked On:
Resource Square Office

Team Taco or Team Pizza:
100% team vegan pizza

Favorite Beatles Song:
Strawberry Fields Forever

Hand Sketch or Digital:
Can I choose both?

Favorite Local Craft Beverage:
Any kind of red wine > beer

Taj Mahal or Eiffel Tower:
Taj Mahal

Folded, Rolled or Unorganized Sock Drawer:
None of the above

Favorite Cartoon Character:
Courage the cowardly dog

Beacham, Bunce or Manley?
I plead the 5th