Jessica Marshall, RA, NCARB

Jessica Marshall, RA, NCARB

Project Architect


Been at BB+M Since:
September 2019

What do you do at BB+M:
Whatever it takes to get things done.

Favorite Project You’ve Worked On:
Currently in progress

All Inclusive or A La Carte:
A La Carte, I’m picky.

Taj Mahal or Eiffel Tower:
The Acropolis (And I can officially say, “it’s all Greek to me”)

Hand Sketch or Digital:
Digital mostly, unless I’m working through a detail.

National Parks or City by Foot:
Both. They both have their own things to show us.

Favorite Cartoon Character:

Beacham, Bunce or Manley?
Why do I have to pick, can’t it be all three?